Rilla Gauge: New Music Video, EP, and Rap Tour Hype!”

In the world of hip-hop, one artist is creating a lot of excitement. Rilla Gauge, also known as Hood Wishers, just released an awesome music video, and he has an EP on the way. Plus, he’s about to kick off a rap tour that’s going to be amazing.

On September 1st, Rilla Gauge released a new music video, and it’s really cool. It’s not just a regular video; it’s like a piece of art. The video has great pictures, and the story it tells is interesting. People are watching it a lot and loving it. Rilla Gauge’s storytelling and words in the video are impressive, and everyone is looking forward to their new EP.

On September 14th, Rilla Gauge is going to release his new EP called “Soul & Ink.” This collection of songs is like taking a journey through his life. The songs talk about the good times and the tough times he has experienced. Rilla Gauge’s words in the songs are honest and deep. “Soul & Ink” is going to be a favourite for hip-hop fans.

But there’s even more to come! Rilla Gauge is starting a rap tour on September 30th. This tour is not just concerts; it’s like a big party. Rilla Gauge is going to perform and share his music with fans in different cities. It’s a chance for fans to see Rilla Gauge in person and feel the energy of his music.

To sum it up, Rilla Gauge, also known as Hood Wishers, is up to some really exciting stuff. He just released an awesome video, his new EP is coming soon, and they’re about to go on a rap tour. Mark your calendars, because Rilla Gauge is a name you won’t want to forget.

Stay tuned for more updates and be ready to join the fun as Rilla Gauge makes waves in the world of hip-hop!